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Welcome to

everyone ! I am so excited about this website, yup, another place where you can just read more stuff I have to say. lol its taken some time but its finally here ... YAY ! so heres what to expect ...

Anything and Everything !

More reviews, a better look at some of my recipes, plans for traveling, and an inside look at how I decided to do certain things ... so yea, welcome

For those of you who don't know what I or my site is about, its about medical marijuana! I am a medical marijuana patient (mmj or mmp). I got my medical card in July of 2018 because I got into a car accident in October of 2017 and after a number of prescriptions, numerous epidural injections in the neck and back, a knee surgery, and tons of physical therapy, i finally was able to become part of the program thanks to the help of my Doctors. It was a long and painful process to get the card but I am so happy I have it. Medical marijuana gave me a different outlook on marijuana. I was never against marijuana, in fact -- i probably loved it more than I knew but when you start using something as a medicine and not something that helps you come down from your day, your outlook changes.

A year has past since I've been in the program and i can honestly say, its an amazing experience, just the community -- people who share information and help whichever way they can. I have had the pleasure of interviewing some fellow MMP and their stories are so heartbreaking, but their outlook on things is life changing. They make me feel like my problems aren't problems. But they NEVER make you feel like that. If you want to check out some videos, check out my Youtube.

In a year I found a new community, new friends, new strains, new opportunities, and a new outlook on life -- don't get me wrong, it is hard to keep a positive outlook on life, i struggle with depression as much as anyone else does, but I choose not to let it control me, I choose to have MaryJane help me balance me out. Everyday is a learning experience and I am just so grateful to be alive, to be surrounded by love, and to be smoking some amazing weed.

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