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Best Subscription Boxes

high everyone !! So before I start posting my videos of my unboxing episodes I just want to show you 1. the boxes and 2. how much each one was. Now some of the price values for some boxes don't exist anymore but ill do the best I can. So leafly put together a list of the best subscription boxes and that's how i started doing them. So of course ill put them in price value order the best I can.

1. PufferBox

2. Daily High Club

3. Hippie Butler

4. SensiBox

5. Hemper

6. 420 GoodyBox

So to start, PufferBox has 2 types of boxes. The first is essentials, which is great for stoners who use papers and its $1. The second box, you get snacks, some glass, and unique items for $26. You can do 3 types of payment plans, monthly, every 3 months ($75), and 6 months ($144).

The Daily High Club has 3 types of boxes. The first is called All Natural and its for stoners who use papers, rings up $1. The second box is called Connoisseur box and it contains, rolling papers, lighters, cleaning accessories, but no glass for $10. The third box is called El Primo and you'll get an awesome glass piece, the essentials, and more for $30. For El Primo there are 3 types of payment plans: pay per order, every 3 months ($81), and every 6 months ($159).

Hippie Butler has 5 types of boxes. The first is called Party Favor, mostly papers($1). The second box is called Rollers Club, you get rolling papers/hemp wraps and other smoking accessories ($16). The third box is called Butler Box, which is their most popular and you get an awesome selection ($33). The fourth box is called Masters Club, you get a glass piece along with other smoking essentials ($140 for 6 months). And the fifth box is called ModSun Opulent Box which features limited edition collabs and smoking essentials ($800 once).

SensiBox is geared towards both genders, a box for her and a box for him. They have 2 types of boxes. SensiLightBox is the first box and you get a small glass piece along with smoking essentials ($20). The second box is called SensiBox Original which contains beautiful glass blown pieces and other things ($35). The payment plans for these boxes are per month, every 3 months (Light-$55; Original-$99), every 6 months (Light-$105; Original-$180), and every 12 months (Light-$200; Original-$325).

Hemper box has 3 types of boxes. The first box is called Bare Essentials ($1). The second box is called Hemper Pack which you get smoking essentials and accessories ($20). And the third box is called Hemper Box where you get a glass piece and smoking essentials ($40). Each box has their own payment plan like, Bare Essentials - weekly, every 2 weeks, and monthly. The Hemper Pack - monthly, and every 3 months ($54), 6 months ($105), and 12 months ($204). The Hemper Box - monthly, every 3 months ($108), and every 6 months ($212), and 12 months ($408).

The 420 Goody Box use to have more than 2 types of boxes but I think they got rid of it. So the first box is called The Goody Box ($28) and the second box is called the Top Shelf ($80). They have three different payment plans which are monthly, every 3 months (Box-$87; Shelf-$246), and every 6 months (Box-$168; Shelf-$487).

And if you are so lucky to live in California there are two more boxes you can get that i cant. They are called Club M ($97) and AuBox ($99-140). These are apparently the best boxes you can get ... Lucky California. So yea those are just some of the boxes I've ordered or will order from. I know there's some more popping up which Ill add eventually but these have been around for a long time.

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